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In Her Talk on Entitlement, Kelly Ernst Highlights the Issues with Dismissal

 - Apr 28, 2017
References: facebook & youtube
Kelly Ernst, the founder of a fashion tech start-up in Austin, Texas, called Redenim, explains how a series of lies that she told herself hindered her ability to succeed in her talk on entitlement.

She says that most people tell themselves similar lies, as they have an idea in their heads of what success should look like, and what their lives should entail in order to work towards this. She first noticed this when she began her first college job, where she was having a great time working in fashion. Despite the fact that she enjoyed working in retail, she started to tell herself that she needed a "real" job in order to be successful -- one that had structured hours and required her to sit behind a desk for most of the day. When he told herself that she was entitled to this type of career, she stopped enjoying what she used to love about retail.

She continues her talk on entitlement by explaining how dangerous dismissal can be, as this is what stopped her from forming positive relationships and living in the moment. She concludes by telling her audience to be honest with themselves, and to understand that different skills, relationships, and experiences have the ability to benefit them down the road when they're truly genuine.