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The Marcus Veerman talk on play discusses self rejuvenation and achieving happiness through balance.... Need Inspiration?

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Marcus Veerman’s Talk on Play Says Finding Balance is Essential to Happiness

 - Mar 26, 2016
As the founder of ‘Playful,’ Marcus Veerman is the ideal candidate to deliver this talk on play. His entire speech is built upon the notion that as human beings, we all need time to rest, relax and have time to play.

Veerman says that no matter what activities people conduct in their daily lives, everyone has a ‘mojo meter,’ which shouldn’t be ignored. This meter is the determining factor in the way people view their own life. When people disregard their need to reset creativity and do things that are simply for bliss, their internal and external outlooks become skewed.

Throughout this talk on play, Veerman weaves in anecdotes explaining how his entrepreneurial journey (ironically building playgrounds), left him utterly drained. No matter how happy he was creating these sanctuaries for children, his work was so consuming that he began neglecting his own needs. The key takeaway from Veerman’s talk is that no matter how fulfilling one’s life may seem, there is always a need for balance.