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Dave Cornthwaite Explains How to Be Brave in His Talk on Lifestyle

 - Apr 19, 2017
References: davecornthwaite & youtube
Dave Cornthwaite, a former graphic designer who quit his job to spend his time developing a career that surrounded his passions, considers how others can create careers for themselves that they don't have to feel stressed out about in his talk on lifestyle.

He says that the most difficult obstacle one might face in doing so is the judgement of others, as there are societal expectations ingrained into everyone's mind that tell them that they need to have a steady job in order to be considered successful. He says that in order to surpass this, we have to accept that we're different from those around us, and understand that our passions just might never line up.

Throughout his talk on lifestyle, Cornthwaite explains how he broke out of the societal expectations that hindered his happiness, and took on endeavors simply because he wanted to. Although this journey looks different for everyone, Cornthwaite became an adventurer and a coach to others. With his talk on lifestyle, he shows that its important to break out of your comfort zone to understand what your passions are, and that a high income doesn't necessarily equate to happiness and comfort.