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Sara Bendrick's Talk on Opportunity Reveals the Importance Applying Enthusiasm

 - Jan 9, 2017
References: ted & youtube
Sara Bendrick, a landscape designer, contractor and television personality, prompts her audience to reconsider how they think about and value finding their passion in her talk on opportunity.

She starts out by speculating on what "passion" really means, telling her audience that it's important because it "makes us feel alive and it gives us the drive to push through and face challenges." It's also something than can be positively channeled to leverage opportunity for oneself, as well as those around them. While she agrees that finding passion is integral to one's happiness, Sara Bendrick says that it's generally not something that can simply be sought out and discovered.

Rather, it's important to do things with passion, for people to engage wholeheartedly with the space that they're currently in so that they can fully grasp the benefits of it. With this, Sara Bendrick equates passion with optimism in her talk on opportunity.