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In Her Talk on Energy, Sarah Knight Explains How to Say No

 - May 9, 2017
References: sarahknightbooks & youtube
Sarah Knight, a bestselling author, tells her audience that they should stop spending their time on things that don't better them in her talk on energy.

She says that when people make calculated decisions about what they want to give their time to, they end up with a wealth of things that make them happier in life, rather than an excess of those that have the potential to weigh them down. Knight explains that she started to do this when she was building her career, which caused her to feel stressed, exhausted, and unhappy. Eventually, she made the decision to quit and start working for herself.

Knight continues her talk on energy by telling her audience to stop being sorry for what they don't have to apologize for -- meaning that they can simply choose where to spend their time, and to politely and honestly respond to things that they don't have time for. With this, Knight shows the importance of thinking about which events, people, and more are really worth their time, and to not give their energy to things just because they might feel obligated to.