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The Edwina Liu speech on scientific research discusses the role young people can play in making a...

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Edwina Liu's Talk About Scientific Research Encourages Young People

 - Jan 17, 2016
References: youtu.be
In her talk about scientific research, high school student Edwina Liu explores the idea of moving from a 'thinker' to a 'doer.' Despite her young age, the speaker encourages other youth to create their own opportunities and pursue problem solving on a societal scale.

The talk about scientific research describes Edwina's journey from evading apprehension through verbal repetition to the lessons she learned participating in a student innovation program. Through solving problems with business ideas, she discovered it "doesn't take a super genius to make a difference" as well as the value of virtues like perseverance, productivity and creativity. She states youth apathy and inadequacy are both myths, provided young people search for and make opportunities to improve.