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Romeo Dallaire's Revolution Speech Offers Hope to Younger People

 - Nov 28, 2014
In his revolution speech, Romeo Dallaire explains the importance of youth becoming activists and maximizing their potential. The retired Lieutenant General and Force Commander of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda explains how we are living in a time of revolution, both environmentally and in the realm of technology and communications.

The revolution speech discusses the future of humanity and the massive amount of human rights abuses occurring. Technology allows us to see it and influence it, but a pecking order of humanity has been dictated by inaction. The speaker questions if we are responding to the ethical logic of fundamental laws when 80% of the world lives in inhuman conditions while the other 20% continues advancing.

The revolution speech emphasizes the importance of youth maximizing technologies that will permit them to move into an activism role. As people age 18 to 25 don't see borders they can make a difference by linking technology, joining the NGO community and living without settling for the status quo.