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Spencer West’s Motivating Youth Speech Addresses Fitting In

 - Oct 20, 2013
References: metowe & youtu.be
In his motivating youth speech, double amputee Spencer West addresses a crowd of 18,000 young people at the first ever We Day Minnesota.

At the youth empowerment event, the Free the Children ambassador talks about the importance of focusing on the how, and not to worry about the can’ts or won’ts. He shares his personal story of being told he would never be a functioning member of society at the age of five when he lost his legs to a genetic disease, and how he struggled to fit in in high school. He then shares his life changing Me to We volunteer trip to Kenya with the responsive crowd and encourages them to follow their passions as well.

His motivating youth speech discusses not letting the opinions or doubts of others derail one from getting involved in the things they care about, whether it is cheer leading or clean water projects.