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Maya Penn Encourages Young People in Her Youth Business Speech

 - Feb 5, 2014
References: mayasideasshop.blogspot & youtube
13-year-old entrepreneur Maya Penn discusses how she came to run her own business and make it an environmentally friendly one in her youth business speech. Penn discusses her love for animation, computers and the environment and how she combined all three into her online store, Maya's Idea Shop.

Penn names her parents as her greatest influence. Her father taught her about computers while her mother taught her how to sew the items she now sells online. Both of her parents instilled in her a love of nature and a desire to protect, which drove her to make her business eco-friendly. Penn's youth business speech goes on to detail her support for other young entrepreneurs lie herself, kids with ideas to change the world or make money. Maya Penn has also started her own non-profit organization: Maya's Ideas for the Planet.