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Mary Ann Loch's Promising Youth Speech Discusses 'Kids These Days'

 - Dec 19, 2013
Mary Anne Loch's promising youth speech begins with a phrase you've probably heard, maybe even uttered, in a disapproving tone: "Kids these days." She continues with a laundry list of adjectives; lazy, selfish, screen-addicted, thinking-their-entitled brats; mean, apathetic, uneducated, ignorant sociopaths. While this may be true of some, Loch -- a junior high teacher -- is quick to point out that there have always been kids that fall into that description, and it is not a distinct attribute of the Millennial generation.

She finds that youth today are quickly and unfairly being dismissed as such without proper consideration. Loch contends that her career as an educator has equipped her with anecdotal, everyday evidence that youth today are creative, innovative and compassionate members of society. In fact, they are completely invested in bettering society, working selflessly and tirelessly to clean up previous generations mistakes and preventing future ones. With a strong concern for social justice, environmental consciousness and greater social awareness, 'kids these days' should be commended, not reprimanded, for the amazing paradigm shift they're putting in motion.