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Mckenna Pope Shares Her Journey in Her Youth Activism Speech

 - Feb 1, 2014
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14-year-old youth activist Mckenna Pope shares her story of becoming involved social changes and encourages other young people to do the same in her youth activism speech. Pope explains how she began an online petition to Hasbro to create gender neutral toys after her younger brother expressed misgivings about getting an Easy Bake Oven because it was a "girl’s toy."

Pope’s youth activism speech goes on to explain how she became an activist and how in the process, realized she could make change happen, in spite of all of the criticism she received online. She promotes a "haters gonna hate" philosophy of acknowledging rather than dismissing critics in favor of pursuing whatever social change one wishes to see. MckEnna Pope won her battle to get Hasbro to market its Easy Bake Oven in a gender-neutral fashion.