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Alexander Six’s Youth Talk Promotes Sharing Individual Stories

 - Jul 16, 2014
In his youth talk, high school student Alexander Six motivates youth by telling them they can change the world. Currently employed (probably part-time) by an online youth organization whose mission is to provide resources to help inspire other youth to be the best they can be, Alex writes blog posts and manages social media communities. Working in social media allows him to see patterns emerge and the progression of change. He noticed today’s Facebook is a lot more of people sharing things instead of posting original content.

While the speaker believes everyone wants to change the world, he also thinks they are going about it incorrectly or not fully. The youth talk explores the idea that this is because teenagers are hesitant to share things about themselves. But Alex asserts personal experiences aren’t something you can find by Googling. True leaders emerge when people are willing to share themselves with other people.