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Romeo Dallaire's Activist Generation Talk Inspires Young People

 - Sep 11, 2013
References: romeodallaire & youtube
In this activist generation talk, Romeo Dallaire speaks to an audience of 20,000 engaged youth about equality of opportunity. The former lieutenant in the Canadian army and force commander for the United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda turned author and speaker describes a generation without borders, enabled by technology. Cell phones and the information revolution allow youth to be true citizens of the world as they can learn and see what their peers are doing around the globe. This is also an incredible tool for activism.

The activist generation talk encourages young people not to abandon child soldiers and abused young people to their fate. He recommends a rite of passage where teenagers travel to a developing nation to see and learn from their peers who don't have access to the same protective institutions in place in Western society. This way youth can feel, hear, encourage, help and build a better world.