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Neil Jain's Speech on Youth Potential Examines the Role of Technology

 - Oct 7, 2013
This Neil Jain speech on youth potential addresses three reasons why young people are able to create incredible change.

The high school student names exponential technologies, like synthetic biology, 3D printing and the processing power of household computers. The processing power of household computers is particularly interesting, as the average computer has the more power than the greatest super computers 20 years ago. With free and easy access to information, people can make an impact like never before. An example of this is smartphones, which hold more technology than it took to put man on the moon. Lastly, global connectivity allows great minds to come together and for consumers of information to become producers of new ideas. Additionally, the two billion people currently online are expected to grow to 5 billion in the next decade.

The speech on youth potential also explains why young people are capable of being more innovative and creative than adults with access to these three factors and with more expertise. The neo-cortex has not made as many connections, where as adults match patterns differently.