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Edward Norton's Social Change Talk Discusses How Youth Make a Difference

 - Jul 4, 2014
References: crowdrise & youtu.be
In his social change talk at We Day Seattle, Edward Norton addresses an audience of young people passionate about making the world a better place. At the Free the Children youth empowerment event, the Academy Award-nominated actor explains talent is just a well-developed skill and is not the same as character.

He shares a trick that helps people pull off inspiring things, which is the concept of a lever. According to the social change talk, a lever is just a way to increase your power. The writer, activist and director references his Crowdrise platform, which teaches people we all have more power than we thought if you get creative. By turning everyday things into levers for change (even a love of pancakes), youth can create real change for causes they care about.

Lastly the speaker asks them to think about their own levers and how they can continue to use their passion, energy and technology to change the world.