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Anil Dash’s Talk About Apps Explains His Approach to Building a Community

 - Mar 27, 2016
References: vimeo
Anil Dash's talk about apps presents a new way of thinking about the way technology culture is combined with creative culture. Furthermore, Dash says that since the average person spends three years with their thumb on an app, we have to design a a more inclusive community.

One important point that stood out during this talk is that our values define the default settings for apps. Dash uses Facebook as an example. He says that when Facebook changed its gender options to be inclusive of every gender, the brand was making a statement about values and who the services of Facebook is actually for -- everyone.

Dash compares apps to movies and music. He says the liner notes and end credits provide information about these products, which is directly available, but apps don't have this feature. His ultimate suggestion for improving the mobile app community (and overall culture) is to create open sourced content. This will build meaningful interactions and give credit to those who have earned it.