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Devorah Heitner's Parenting Talk Advocates for Modelling Empathy

 - Feb 20, 2015
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In her parenting talk, Dr. Devorah Heitner talks about the challenges in raising children in today's digital age. The speaker, who has a PhD in media, technology and society, notes while anxiety over technology is cyclical and natural, parents should be more worried about modelling right behavior to kids than catching them doing the wrong thing.

The parenting talk explains how empathy is the key. Her research identified several shared problems youth have. This includes feeling like they need to be always accessible, what to do when they send a communication that isn't nice and people in their lives being inaccessible to them because of technology.

The parenting talk consistently states empathy is the answer, despite the creative concept apps students created to address each of these issues. She maintains there is no app that can raise kids in the digital age for us and encourages parents to get curious about their kids' everyday experiences, ask what they're thinking and co-create solutions.