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Vivek Wadhwa's Disruptive Tech Talk Discuss Sensory and 3D Printing

 - Dec 18, 2014
References: youtube
Entrepreneurial expert Vivek Wadhwa's tech talk discusses the future of technology and how new innovations emerging today will rapidly disrupt each industry, from healthcare to food, as we know it. With the manufacturing of 3D printers, sensory healthcare and big data, technology is moving at a supercharged rate that will completely revolutionize how we digitally interact with each other and our surroundings.

Several areas Wadhwa focuses in on in his talk include manufacturing, healthcare and food production. In the realm of manufacturing, innovations such as 3D printing will uproot exporters like China because US and Europe can now print products at record-low prices. Similarly with food, we will be able to 3D print meat rather than slaughter animals and grow 0 organic food, without the need for pesticides or insecticides, in vertical farms. The most powerful change will come in healthcare as companies like Apple, Samsung and Google will further expand health apps to track blood pressure, glucose and internals while storing the data. They will even be able to offer doctor assistance digitally and advise, track and suggest medical treatments.

"One of the things that has begun to worry me is the fact that I'm seeing change happening at a scale which is unimaginable before and that it's impacting industry after industry after industry," says Wadhwa. "Every industry I've looked at I've seen a trend of major disruption happening."