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Mehmet Sencer Karadayi's Blood Donation Speech on Mobile Solutions

 - Sep 10, 2014
In his blood donation speech, Mehmet Sencer Karadayi discusses how mobile applications can fix social problems. The tech entrepreneur developed an app as part of a competition to address an area of social justice with a mobile solution, so he speaks from personal experience.

His app aims to connect blood donors and those looking for blood. The basic foundation is to locate each other within a certain radius and offer the ability to contact one another directly. He cites a lack of awareness about how important blood donation is. In developing countries, 5% of the population donates frequently, but in the speaker's native Turkey it is only 1.5%.

To address the challenge of encouraging people to donate, the app adds a gamification element to process via badges. The blood donation speech notes that while fun sells, sometimes it only takes one app to solve crucial social issues and save lives.