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Rick Smolan's Health Apps Presentation Explores Ginger IO's Software

 - Oct 30, 2013
References: ginger.io & youtu.be
In his health apps presentation, Rick Smolan discusses how mobile apps can predict mental health issues. He begins by explaining the permanence of any content people publish on the Internet, which is especially relevant to young people who might be posting things on social media platforms that could be used against them in their careers later on.

Specifically he talks about an app called Ginger IO that predicts when someone is going to feel depressed two days before they actually do. This software recognizes behavioral patterns and travel radius. This technology is being focused on people with diabetes, who are more likely to suffer from depression. The smartphone app allows them to notify their friends and family and seek help or prepare themselves beforehand.

The health apps presentation notes how phones are starting to know us better than we know ourselves.