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Hugo Barra's Google IO Keynote Talks the Advancement of Technology

 - May 16, 2013
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Hugo Barra, VP Product Management of Android, discusses how the innovations that Google has created were tailored towards developers in his Google IO keynote.

The amount of innovation that technology has undergone is a staggering amount. People are going through one of the most innovative phases of technological advancement in history. The computing power of small devices is bringing about a change in societal interaction. Barra discusses how the development of Google was tailored to accommodate for a more efficient system of creation for developers.

With over 900 million users of Android, it's now more important than ever for developers to take advantage of this growing market. Google is updating its system to include applications that weren't possible several years ago. From programs that reduce battery consumption to instant cross-platform interaction, Google is introducing new programs in its system to fully utilize the new Google systems.