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This Innovative Speech by Seth Godin Discusses Shared Ideas in Society

 - Apr 4, 2013
References: sethgodin & youtube
This innovative speech by Seth Godin explores the significant impact of modern day tribes and the power and influence that comes with sharing similar ideas and values.

Godin explains how such technological innovations as the Internet have caused people from all sorts of backgrounds and cultures to come together into what he describes as "tribes," to use their common ideas and beliefs to illicit change or gain power. It's all about taking a good idea and running with it until you get what you want to achieve. Using an example of the San Francisco SPCA, Godin explains how the organization was originally founded to put down stray dogs and cats. However with the dedication and persistence of the community, they were able to turn San Francisco into a "no kill city."

Godin's innovative speech is a great example of how ordinary people can cause significant change by coming together with others that share the same values.