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This Global Innovation Speech by Chris Anderson Talks Web Videos

 - Apr 3, 2013
References: youtube
This global innovation speech by Chris Anderson discusses the modern day impact of videos on worldwide innovation and change. Anderson talks about how simple videos can revolutionize aspects of society and cause people to act.

This global innovation speech explains how improvement in people's behavior and everyday routines are being impacted by these viral web videos, which continue to flood the Internet every second. In what Anderson calls 'Crowd Accelerated Innovation,' he describes a cycle of innovation and growth that rests upon three main principles. The first is the size of the crowd; the bigger the audience the more innovators there will surely be. Secondly, you need visibility. To be able to see clearly what people in that crowd are capable of doing so that you can properly learn from them. Last but not least, you need a desire to achieve what that video is promoting.