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The Original iPhone Keynote by Steve Jobs

 - Feb 16, 2013
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Steve Jobs' incredible work and brilliance is remembered in this original iPhone keynote from 2011. Jobs shares with his audience that he is introducing three new revolutionary products to them that day -- a new iPod, a mobile phone and a breakthrough Internet communicator -- and soon reveals that it is all in one product called the iPhone.

With over 200 patents filed, the iPhone offers state of the art technological features like the magical multi-touch technology that is capable of ignoring unintended touches and does not require a stylus.

Jobs describes the iPhone as "a revolutionary and magical product that is literally five years ahead of any mobile phone." Its unparalleled features enable its users to store their life in their pocket.

This keynote is not only a wonderful memory of the late Steve Jobs, but it also shows how far the device has come in 12 years.