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Jane Pratt's Publishing Keynote Emphasizes Honesty and Originality

 - Apr 30, 2013
References: xojane & ustream
Jane Pratt's Internet publishing keynote is an engaging, refreshing and honest talk from one of the most established editors in the industry. Pratt, at the age of 24, became the youngest editor-in-chief -- to date -- of a publication called Sassy Magazine. Going on to found Jane and xojane.com, Pratt is revolutionizing the way women consume media. Her talk focuses on the flaws about the current print model, online publishing secrets as well as well as women within the industry.

She begins her speech by emphasizing the importance of surrounding yourself with freaks who make you feel normal. She explains how she prefers to hire people who are complicated, eccentric and different from anyone else. A business needs different perspectives, different opinions and contrasting personalities to create something that will succeed.

On the topic of women, Pratt believes that working women today need to believe that "a success for one woman, is a success for all women."

Pratt's talk also discusses the importance of valuing readers and not taking them for individuals without opinions. A publication dedicated to providing its readers honest, open and real content will succeed, regardless of what SEO formatting, coding or advertising it uses.

Pratt's publishing keynote not only recounts her exciting, memorable and influential careers, but also reaffirms that breaking the rules and following your vision can bring you great success, in journalism and elsewhere.