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Victoria Ransom's Social Marketing Keynote Talks Brands Online

 - Nov 21, 2012
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In this social marketing keynote, the CEO of Wildfire, Victoria Ransom, discusses the ways in which the new timeline on Facebook affects brands. Wildfire is the world's largest social media marketing service, with over 13,000 paying customers, including clients such as Facebook and Nike.

She introduces some of the most important changes the timelines ushered in for brands. For example, brand pages are now a lot more visual with the inclusion of the cover photo, which is a great opportunity for companies to capture the attention of fans.

There is also the option for consumers to send private messages to brands, which is ideal for consumers who are less comfortable asking questions in a public forum. This benefits brands because it increases the likelihood of consumer engagement and interaction.

Ransom's social marketing keynote explores the key ways Facebook impacts brands of all sizes.