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Umair Haque Explores the New Age of Marketing in this Brand Strategy Speech

 - Sep 27, 2012
References: umairhaque & youtube
Tackling the problem of branding indifference, Umair Haque explores the new era of marketing in this brand strategy speech.

He begins by delving into the history of branding beginning with basic functional branding of the industrial age and aspirational branding of "conspicuous consumption." Although these methods were successful at their time of prominence, Haque goes on to explain why they are no longer effective. The evolution of branding, and the future of consumer desire lies in what the economic consultant refers to as 'meaningful branding.'

Meaningful branding gains consumers' loyalty as it alludes to social good. Haque believes that consumers seeks to have their brands represent a "tangible positive impact that makes people authentically better off." By adhering to his new vanguard of consumer demand, companies such as Nike and Wal Mart have capitalized on value of nature and society. With this brand strategy speech, Umair Haque guides the shift new age marketing.