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Erik Johnson's Business Principles Keynote Examines Marketing Today

 - Nov 15, 2012
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Erik Johnson, the Vice President of APAC at Facebook, discusses the new path of branding and marketing in this business principles keynote. According to Johnson, traditional marketing methods and promotion strategies will soon be gone for good. Technological platforms and social media networks like Facebook and Twitter are ushering in new means of ad tactics and strategies.

Johnson also introduces the concept of the "people web," which refers to a realm in which marketing is out of the hands of brands, companies and marketers and now in the hands of people and their contacts on Facebook and newsfeed activity. Conversations about any product can take place on one's Facebook without a company even knowing. As is such, businesses and brands need to adapt to and adjust product development and marketing strategies to factor in the dialogue of which they cannot control.

This business principles keynote puts forth yet another case of how consumers are gaining more control than ever before.