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Jonathan Mildenhall Talks Coke's Strategy in a Content Excellence Keynote

 - Nov 15, 2012
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Jonathan Mildenhall, the VP of Global Advertising Strategy at The Coca-Cola Company discusses the brand's marketing strategies in this content excellence keynote. With a focus on enhancing consumer engagement, the brand plans to significantly increase its transparency across all brands.

Mildenhall argues that the quality of feedback will increase and improve if the brand opens up about its creativity and product development processes. A shift from creative excellence to content excellence is the most effective way of achieving this. With a purpose to create ideas that are so contagious they cannot be controlled, he wants to see a sense of storytelling evolve, which will ideally be driven by consumers and their engagement.

Mildenhall's content excellence keynote emphasizes the importance of storytelling in selling a brand in the modern business world.