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Porter Gale's Digital Marketing Keynote Discusses Virgin's Success

 - Oct 4, 2012
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Porter Gale, the former VP of Marketing at Virgin America, shares for the first time, the history of the brand and its success secrets in this digital marketing keynote. She strongly believes in the power of product and service innovation to impact the success of a brand's marketing. She insists that social media is transforming everything from six degrees of separation to four degrees of separation.

Gale then goes into a lengthy but engaging discussion about the company's history and Richard Branson's mission in its first days. He started with the premise that the general category of flying and airline services was broken -- from lost luggage to peanuts and uncomfortable seats, Branson wanted to revolutionize the flying experience and become a brand champion.

This story was used to support Gale's point that every single detail that goes into branding, be it the way a logo is angled to the language its employers use with customers, matters in the business world today. Social media is now the medium that holds businesses accountable to this. Her digital marketing keynote spotlights the transparency in advertising and marketing today, and how companies can conquer their industries.