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The Ron Tite Branding Keynote Speech Inspires Businesses to Adapt

 - Sep 6, 2012
References: rontite & youtube
The Ron Tite branding keynote speech is meant to inspire people and businesses to brand themselves. He's doing this to remind people how powerful of a tool this can be in such a media-savvy age.

Tite's speech reminds the audience that this is the innovation generation. However in order to keep innovating, people must be constantly evolving and changing their behavior.

No organization as a whole will ever just change on its own -- people must do this. Tite tells an audience that in order to become innovative and to stand apart, the actions and decisions of the people that work within the organization must be heard.

Tite makes a point that branding should be a tool that guides people, whether it's personal branding or company branding. However you can not lose track of who you are within this brand; you must continue to evolve and adapt. If you don't, you will fall behind.

This is an interesting speech on how branding and innovation go together, and serves as a reminder that you cannot stick to one idea.