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Jacob Cass' Personal Brand Keynote Outlines Three Key Steps

 - Jul 11, 2012
References: justcreative & youtu.be
In this personal brand keynote, graphic designer Jacob Cass talks about building a personal foundation through branding, blogging and social media. Sharing the story of when he lost his graphic design job in New York City and almost had to leave the country, he explains how his social networks and personal platform enabled him to secure a new job and develop a strong online presence.

Cass narrows the process of building a personal brand down to three steps. The first is all about defining your brand; this includes deciding where you want your brand to go in the future and what its unique feature will be. The second step is creating your website or finding someone to do it for you. A website should have consistent aesthetics, including an easily recognizable logo. The third step spotlights utilizing your different networks to reach out to different groups of people.