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Tom Koulopoulos' Innovation Over Invention Keynote Dissects the Differences

 - Jun 19, 2012
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In this innovation over invention keynote from Tom Koulopoulos, the speaker breaks down the differences between innovating for value and inventing for creation.

According to Koulopoulos, individuals across all industries today are ignorant towards the true meaning of innovation because they assume that everything -- from the light bulb to the iPhone and tablet -- has already been created. Koloupoulos encourages the audience to take a new approach to innovation, one that focuses solely on behavior. Innovation occurs when behavior is changed in a way that creates new value.

Innovation cannot be measured by how many new pieces of technology are released during a certain time frame, it must be measured by how behavior changes. Too often today do people confuse invention with innovation and they are completely different.

The bottom line in this innovation over invention keynote is that innovation creates value, while invention only creates objects.