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As the General Manager for Nike’s Considered Team, Lorrie Vogel's keynotes focus on the company's...

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Lorrie Vogel's Pioneering Designs Keynote Promotes Reduction

 - May 31, 2012
References: poptech.org & vimeo
In regards to finding innovative new ways to create products that people love, Lorrie Vogel discusses what needs to be done in the future in this pioneering designs keynote.

The the General Manager for Nike’s Considered team is not hesitant to admit the necessary changes that need to be made by the global shoe company. Vogel says that Nike is focusing its efforts to make a transition from an industrial economy to a green economy and in order to do this they have to focus on reduction.

Transition towards a green economy takes a lot of innovation, a process that Lorrie Vogel says is not linear but is a series of happy accidents. Design teams need to start focusing on creating different products that consumers still love while utilizing low impact materials and implementing a system for reclaiming and recycling.