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This Garth Lenz Speach Reveals The Impact of Tar Sands

 - Apr 29, 2012
References: ted & youtube
In this heartfelt Garth Lenz speech, the award-winning photojournalist illustrates the growing threat that Canada's natural arboreal landscapes are facing as industrial projects continue to expand and encroach upon what was once a pristine environment.

Throughout the past few years Canada has transformed into the third largest contributor of carbon gas per person due to the increase in tar sand extraction. The tailings ponds that result from this production are the largest toxic impoundments on the planet. Even in areas where the less repugnant method of extraction is used there has been up to a 90 percent decrease in the wildlife population.

Ending his keynote, Garth Lenz says that, "Canada needs to respect the amounts of fresh water and natural landscape it holds," and to stop increasing the methods in which those precious resources are threatened.