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Bilal Bomani Introduces a New & Improved Self-Sustaining Ecosystem

 - Jan 25, 2012
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In this environment-related speech, Bilal Bomani introduces a new type of sustainable fuel. Bilal Bomani is the director of NASA's Greenlab Research Facility in the United States and dedicates his time and efforts to creating extreme green concepts.

He begins his speech by defining an extreme green concept; he stresses the importance of it being something that was created through environmentally and socially conscious means. He emphasizes three traits including sustainable, alternative and renewable. He then introduces the self-sustaining ecosystem he and his team of research at NASA created that produces biofuels. As Bilal Bomani demonstrates, this system meets all of the 'extreme' green requirements as it uses algae and halophytes. This system is self-sustaining because unlike many other green techniques or alternatives, it doesn't deplete natural resources such as fresh water or land.