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The Bill Gates Environment Keynote Stresses Innovating Down to Zero

 - Apr 17, 2012
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The Bill Gates environment keynote discusses energy and climate and the long term challenges these two things currently pose for the world’s populations. Gates explains how climbing temperatures present significantly more dangerous threats for individuals living in developing countries than other areas of the world. Not only are these countries less financially equipped to deal with these issues, but they also feel the immediate consequences through crop failures and floods.

Bill Gates’ diagnosis for this problem rests in drastically reducing the percentage of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. While many scientists and environmentalists argue that any reduction is positive, Gates emphasizes the need to get down to zero. So long as the atmosphere contains any greenhouse gases—especially carbon dioxide—temperatures will continue to rise. The Bill Gates environment keynote offers a new approach that challenges many mainstream ideas and understandings of the environment. Coming from a man who has built his career in computers, this keynote is exceptionally fascinating.