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The Jonathan Foley Keynote Introduces the Idea of 'Terraculture'

 - Apr 17, 2012
References: ted & youtube
In the Jonathan Foley keynote, the university professor describes the increasingly dependent relationship between land use, agriculture and the environment. He begins his speech by presenting some daunting statistics regarding agriculture and the state of global sustainability today. With over 40 percent of today's planet being used to grow food, Foley pinpoints agriculture as the driving force behind climate change.

As landscapes continue to become significantly altered to grow food, the amount of greenhouse gases released into the earth's atmosphere will also continue to increase.

As a solution to this problem, Jonathan Foley proposes that the world's populations adopt the concept of "terraculture." Terraculture aims to find a healthy balance between providing the world with enough food, while producing it through environmentally friendly methods. Foley summarizes this concepts as farming for the whole planet. With increasing populations and incomes, Foley stresses the need to find a sustainable balance.