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An Auto Innovation Keynote from Ford's Executive Chair Bill Ford

 - May 20, 2012
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In this auto innovation keynote, the executive chair of Ford Motor company Bill Ford discusses the future of cars and how his company is working to innovate the entire industry.

He begins his speech by sharing various personal stories of his childhood and what is was like growing up as a member of the Ford family. While away at college, Ford realized that cars were not his only passion; the environment was equally as important to him and he hoped to find a career that complemented both things.

Ford's next part of his auto innovation keynote discusses why the auto industry specifically must tackle the issue of climate change. The brand's commitment to its customers is heavily cemented on the freedom and mobility its products provide. Ford envisions a future in which cars and the environment will be working harmoniously to deliver the brand's promise to its customers.

From innovations in fuel efficiency, automobile software and electrically powered vehicles, Ford describes how he and the iconic brand are working towards creating a better future.