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In This Michio Kaku Speech, the Physicist Talks of the Impending Energy Crisis

 - Apr 27, 2012
References: youtu.be
In this Michio Kaku speech, the American theoretical physicist and co-founder of string field theory discusses the limitations around solar power as a main source of energy and the current problems involving the global dependency on fossil fuels. While many in the field of energy feel the time is right to make a societal shift to solar power, Kaku points out the weak links in the solar energy process that suggest it may not be the right time, such as low efficiency and a need for long-term storage capabilities.

Touching upon Hubbert’s peak theory, which states that the rate of petroleum production follows a bell-shaped curve, Kaku asserts that, although we will never entirely run out of oil, the world would need to discover a new Saudi Arabia every five years to fulfill its current needs. Kaku concludes by stating that although there is a lot to work out technically, he believes that solar will eventually be the solution to the greenhouse problem.