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This Willie Smits Keynote Provides Alternative Means of Powering Cities

 - May 5, 2012
References: masarang.nl & youtube
This Willie Smits keynote discusses not only the flaws in the way by which humans harvest energy but also provides solutions for how to more effectively power the planet while leaving a less destructive impact on the environment.

The speaker is a biologist and the founder of the Masarang Foundation, which helps to protect the orangutan population. His research on the reparation of fragile ecosystems afforded him with insightful knowledge on plant based fuel sources which he describes as being a more sustainable method for powering life.

Rather than relying on sources of fuel that take away more than they give and cause more harm than good, he suggests researching the potential of plant-life power that can be extracted without needing to destroy the plant, and its ecosystem, to do so.