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Daniel Schnitzer Addresses Energy Poverty in Haiti

 - Apr 18, 2012
References: ted & ted
In this Daniel Schnitzer keynote, the speaker addresses the issue of energy poverty in Haiti. While it may seem archaic to westerners, over two billion people in Haiti light their homes with kerosene candles and cook with charcoal, which is inefficient, expensive and harmful towards health and the environment. In order for Haitians to climb out of energy poverty they need to adapt to fuels that are more efficient, less expensive, better for human health and more productive. While this technology already exists (Solar Powered LED lights), the means by which Haitians can access these innovations remains to be developed.

Physical and financial barriers are the two predominant reasons why people in Haiti can't get access to efficient fuel technology. Schnitzer argues that it isn't the technology that will change the world, it's the means in which those products are able to reach the people that need it the most.