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Sherry Turkle Talks of How Our Online Lives Make Us Connected but Alone

 - Apr 5, 2012
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Sherry Turkle is a professor at MIT with a Ph.D. in Sociology and Personality Psychology from Harvard who focuses her research on psychoanalysis and human-technology interaction. Turkle is also the author of several books including 'Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other.'

In this captivating and eye-opening talk, Sherry Turkle discusses the transition she has witnessed from the beginning of the Internet to present day. Turkle explains the danger in getting used to being alone together, stating that trying to control and customize our lives encourages the need to control where we want to put our attention, which affects our capacity for self-reflection. According to Turkle, this "cleaning up" of the messy interpersonal relationships we must face in real life may mean selling ourselves short.