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This Woody Norris Speech Explores the Inventor's Latest Accomplishment

 - May 14, 2012
References: woodynorris & youtu.be
In this Woody Norris speech, the inventor begins his discussion by sharing with the audience that he became an inventor by accident. He then introduces his 44th patent, which he calls hyper-sonic sound, a new technology capable of controlling and cancelling sound.

He asks the audience to consider not being able to control or manipulate the light created from a light bulb; without being able to do this, computers, printers, screens and movies would not exist. After about 80 years of having sound, Norris decided it was important to discover ways to control it just as we control light.

His technology is able to create silence as effectively as it is able to control sound. His invention can serve a multitude of functions including blocking the sound of your partner's snoring while you sleep to creating quieter automobiles.

Woody Norris concludes by sharing his belief that almost nothing has been invented yet; the technological and scientific advancements of the future are boundless.