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Josh Clark's UX Talk Emphasizes the Imagination's Role in Innovation

 - Nov 24, 2015
References: bigmedium & designthinkers
At the Association of Registered Graphic Designers' 16th annual DesignThinkers Conference in Toronto, Josh Clark gave an engaging UX talk entitled 'Magical UX and the Internet of Things.' One of the highlights of the annual graphic design event, the speaker introduced the audience to some of the most enchanting applications of cutting-edge technology.

Comparing the modern smartphone to a magic wand, Clark points out the incredible opportunity for hardware and software to jointly give people more control over their environments and daily tasks. Having said that, he presents several examples of inventions that miss the mark, juxtaposing these with truly delightful apps and gadgets that save time and effort and succeed to positively charm the user. Products like Propeller Health are described as going even deeper, to alleviate critical health matters, for instance.

Josh Clark’s UX talk at DesignThinkers certainly had a design spin to it, yet the ideas that he presented are broadly applicable across industries. This multi-device expert and author encourages the creative integration of a variety of existing technologies, as well as the extraordinary power of the imagination to achieve genuine innovation.