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Guy Kawasaki's Success of Apple Keynote Shares Steve Jobs' Main Secret

 - Mar 6, 2013
Guy Kawasaki, having worked very closely with the legendary Steve Jobs, is the perfect individual to present this brief success of Apple keynote. The secret, according to Kawasaki, lies in utilizing a strategy based on anticipating the market instead of reacting to it.

In 1983, if you were to ask people what they wanted in their personal computing machines they would say bigger, faster and cheaper, no one would have described the Macintosh. Steve Jobs' secret did not lie in listening to market research and reading consumer insight or focus groups, it lay in his ability to foresee the future of technology and create products accordingly. The lesson of Apple is that you cannot listen to what people are saying they need, because they are going to define what they need in terms of what they already know. You need to create a product or a service that people aren't expecting or that they didn't know they needed

Instead of being reactive, businesses need to anticipate what it ahead and create products that consumers will grow to need.