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Guy Kawasaki Delivers A Career-Advancing Keynote

 - Jul 19, 2012
In this brief career-advancing keynote, author and former chief evangelist of Apple Guy Kawasaki explains when swearing is acceptable in the office. Kawasaki bluntly states that using profanity is reasonable in the work space on occasion, when it is highly deserved. This, along with confronting a boss, is understandable and all right when done for good reason and rarely, but swearing should not be made into a habit.

Kawasaki believes that this act of standing up to a boss can show to superiors that a worker is awake and aware. However, Kawasaki also states that workers because there is a big difference between doing it once or twice or year and frequently engaging in this kind of confrontation. These people, he deems, are "pain in the asses," stating that they are unlikely to advance or succeed.