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Steve Wozniak's Technology Openness Keynote Encourages Sharing

 - Jan 4, 2013
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Steve Wozniak, one of the most well known pioneers of technology and the Apple brand, presents a fascinating technology openness keynote highlighting the importance of devices in people's lives today. Wozniak believes that the purpose of technology is to do good and to share; the more great devices that are created, the easier life will become and the less harder people will have to work.

In order to achieve this digital bliss however, Wozniak stresses the need for openness within the industry. To explain this more clearly to his audience, he uses Apple and the iTunes program as an example. Had Apple not created iTunes for Windows, hundreds of millions of people wouldn't be able to use access the program. By opening up its software, Apple enabled the entire world to enjoy the iPod and eventually the iPad and the iPhone. While technology does have the power to truly transform one's life, it is crucial that brands remain open and willing to share.