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This Apple iMac 2012 Keynote by Philip Schiller Explores the Enhanced Desktop

 - Dec 5, 2012
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In this Apple iMac 2012 keynote, Philip Schiller introduces the brand's latest version of its number one desktop in the United States. He refers to the iMac as the flagship product of the Mac product line, having set the standard for how products are designed and engineered back in 1998.

Schiller recognizes the device's accomplishment of creating a breakthrough and innovative product, which, over the years, is relentlessly enhanced and updated. Described as "absolutely beautiful," the new model boasts a display that is only 5 mm thick, a full 80 percent thinner than the previous design.

With three storage options, a complete re-engineered internal structure and a lamination design, the new desktop is in a league of its own. Schiller's Apple iMac 2012 keynote illustrates the brand and product's staying power in the industry.