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Parul Sehgal Delivers an Insightful Speech on Jealousy

 - Feb 27, 2014
References: parulsehgal & youtube
In her speech on jealousy, Parul Sehgal attempts to demystify the powerful yet complex emotion that everyone has experienced at one time or another.

Interestingly, Sehgal doesn't consult with any scientific research on the subject, as she finds them wanting. Instead Sehgal turns to an unlikely source, literature, as she believes that the "novel is the lab that has studied jealously." By studying novels, Sehgal manages to gleam a few important insights about jealously and shares them with us in her speech. She learns that jealously is a "hungry emotion," one that is constantly seeking information in order construct a fuller picture and understanding of why we're jealous, which brings her into her next point. Jealously invites reflection and "reveals us to ourselves."

While we still may not fully understand jealousy, Parul Sehgal argues that it is an important emotion that we should reflect on.